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  • We provide a full management and installation service.

  • We provide all aspects of installation from building works to gas, electrical and all plumbing works.

  • We can supply any type of joinery requirement as well as our core business of kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms with a beautiful and wide range of choices.

  • We have full CNC capability and have full paint shop finishing off site.

  • We can offer you the simplest to the most complex bespoke kitchens.

  • We are happy to work along side you directly or with your business team and clients.

  • We are adaptable in our approach and can tailor our service to meet your specific needs.


Our kitchen fitters are experienced and is there job to ensure that your installation takes place with as little inconvenience as possible, naturally there will be some noise, dust and interruption to water, gas and electricity. We usually manage to finish within one week however it may run on into a second week, if building work is involved or more complex materials such as granite, we offer 'supply only' to customers arranging their own fitting.  

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